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Monday, April 12, 2010

Shelter made from large plastic bags or sheets of plastic

Gene Ward, a former US Air Force global survival instructor and prior owner of Survival and Outdoor Safety (before he passed away), created a video entitled "Survival beyond the 10 Essentials". In it he shows how to take plastic bags and make shelters. Unfortunately I could not locate any photos available outside his video so I built a shelter from his ideas myself and had my wife assist me in showing how functional the shelter can be. He recommended using four things, all of which could be contained in a small pouch: 8 inch cable lock ties, duct tape, two or three large plastic bags and 12 poles (6 - 8 footers and 6 - 6 footers). Plastic tarps will work also, either for sides or for a ground cloth. See the below photos.

This photo shows a standard A-Frame tent.

This photo shows how the tent can be opened up and with the addition to two extra poles (not shown) you have a very open shelter for multiple uses and abundant room to work with.
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