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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do not get lost in cyber space!

Sorry for the 'lost in cyber space' time period of silence. Too much has happened during the last thirty days for me to keep up with blogging.

One recent change in my life was my introduction to the Macintosh for my photography hobby. What a learning curve coming from the PC world to the Apple world. I am especially enjoying a program called Aperture for processing my pictures, but this too turned into a nightmare when projects I had created started disappearing. I do not have a good handle on what went wrong but about one month's worth of editing just seems to have disappeared and I can not locate the folders or files anywhere.

If any of you are Apple Macintosh users and are familiar with Aperture, I would certainly entertain receiving an E-mail off site at photowild@yahoo.com regarding a possible solution. Yes I know from the die hard PC users (which I am still), I needed to learn a lesson out of this somehow. How many ways can I say "backup your data"? Times are coming when multiple backups may save the day, or as in my case, a month of editing...


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