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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Storage availability

I have found that the least expensive place for me to buy wheat and rice and legumes is the Kent LDS Home Storage Center in Kent, Washington. In fact they come out on top even beating the store sales I have found, even if I pay the extra to have all of my stuff canned right there when I am there. Canning is fun!

They carry: black beans, pinto beans, white beans, nonfat dry milk, white rice, granulated sugar, hard red wheat, hard white wheat, apple slices, carrots, macaroni, quick oats, regular oats, dry onions, potato flakes, spaghetti noodles, refried beans, hot cocoa mix, white flour, fruit drink mix, pancake mix, potato pearls, #10 cans and lids, boxes, dry pack pouches, oxygen absorbers and free labels

They are located at 1412 W. Morton Street, Kent, WA 98035-0825 and their phone number to arrange a time to go do some canning or pick up already packed foods is 253-850-6392. They do not charge tax on food sold there. I think they still have some wet pack items as well as their dry pack items, but I believe they are switching to dry pack only for the near future.

An important note however: If the Howard Hanson dam fails or the powers that be have to release water to prevent further damage to the dam on the Green River, there is going to be massive flooding in the Kent Valley from Renton to Auburn and this will obviously disrupt services at the cannery and products may not be available.

1 comment:

Mkoroga said...

Thanks for the great info! I had no idea I had such a great resource so close.

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