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Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Rain Check Required

How many times have you had to hop in the car and drive to the grocery store for a single item? Maybe you spent time clipping coupons, just to find out that the store was out of your favorite item that was on sale? You have to wait in line, ask for a rain check and come back later for the item you needed 2 weeks ago... Then prepping is for you!
Prepping is simply the mindset that you don't want to rely on anyone else for your own basic needs. It's a way of life that helps you to be more sulf sufficient, especially in times of trouble. It is both prudent and practical to have some food stored up for you and your loved ones, water to drink, first aid for boo-boos, home security, and some cash or precious metals tucked away.
One question I hear alot is: "How can I do all that when I live paycheck to paycheck?" Well, you certainly don't run out to the local grocery store and spend 2 grand on your credit card! Here is a rough outline I used when I first started out:

1. Take inventory of your current preps. That is, write down ALL of the food you currently have in your pantry, fridge and freezer.
2. Write down all of the items you use the MOST in your household.
3. Look for sales at your favorite stores.
4. Next time you go shopping, buy two or three of the items you use MOST in your household that's on your list. Get 2 boxes of detergent or packages of razors or toilet cleaner. Whatever is on your list and is on sale, you get at least two.
5. When you get home from shopping, you place the first item where you normally would and the second, you put in the garage or under the sink or wherever you deem appropriate.
6. Update your list and keep up on your inventory.

If you keep up on it at all, you will find that you already have what you need in your own pantry! You can apply these principles to other aspects of your home, such as: garage/tools, yard and garden, clothing, etc. Most of us are conditioned to think that we need to go to a store each and every time we run out of something. Not so. Gain a little sovereignty over your own life and "store what you buy and buy what you store".

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