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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Perfect Storm is Brewing!

One of the articles at the Millennium-Ark site was particularly well worded. The only part I am not sure of is that it mentions pending farm legislation, which I have not found information on yet, but the remainder of the article seems valid based on current headlines.

The name of the article is: “We have the perfect storm brewing”

The author shares 8 reasons for concern and possible proof that worse times on food availability are in the immediate future:

(1) There is no “bridge credit” for farmers to get their crops in this year due to the credit crisis, resulting in many farmers not planting this season;
(2) Some farmers in Colorado, Texas, and possibly some other states are not planting this season because they cannot get as much for their crops, as their costs for production are greater than their returns;
(3) Some foreign countries are shutting down exports of food to the U.S. (which is a net 15% food importer currently) due to their own crop failures and food shortages in their own countries;
(4) The devaluing of the dollar, will not buy as much foreign food as it used to, with the high probability of runaway inflation once foreign countries are no longer willing (or able) to subsidize our debt, which will further decrease purchasing power and increase food prices;
(5) There are no export restrictions on American farmers, who can and do sell their crops to foreigners who will pay more for them than Americans will, with the result that some of our production is going overseas and not to us;
(6) There is pending legislation that may soon may make it much more difficult to farm and/or may shut down organic farms, farmer's markets and possibly even home gardens in the near future;
(7) There is still a potential of a flu pandemic with potential quarantines and consequent cessation of shipping and the ability to shop;
(8) California is shutting down some irrigation to farmers in several farm areas of California. One area in particular, the Sacramento Central Valley, has been affected, whereby there is the killing off the source of much of the fruit and vegetables there, in order to save ‘the allegedly endangered smelt!’

These circumstances are documented in mainstream media, and point to restrictions in the availability of some food items in the fall of 2009; and with what will be available, many will be more expensive.These circumstances are the setting for "an apocalyptic food shortage of biblical proportions." She states that “only the very blind and arrogant among us” could fail to see the immediate and obvious necessity for the home production and storage of food and other necessities.

I cannot emphasize or stress more strongly now the need for getting in food storage and for planting a garden this year while food and seeds are still available and are still affordable. But, the fundamentals, underscored by the conditions outlined above, suggest that this may well be the case.

The author points out that if it turns out not to be the case, “you can have a good laugh at my expense and tell me to go and get a tin-foil hat, but the apocalypse is still coming.” Consider any extra preparation time to be a gift.

She suggests that the window for preparation is closing rapidly, possibly this summer and fall. So get your preparations done now if you have not done them.

No one can prepare for you. There are too many of us and there are too many members from third world countries who are physically unable to prepare. Your neighbor or family members cannot prepare for you, either.

Also, those of you planning to raid your neighbor or a family member's larder when times get tough, this is not only improbable, but evil. Your neighbors or family members do not have the responsibility or the resources to prepare for you and your neighbor, and or your neighbor’s neighbor.

She feels the window of opportunity is slamming shut fast. Don't let it slam shut on you!

Her final Note: If you have been preparing, good for you! It is always fun to preach to the choir. But, once you have your house in order you can and should go out and help others to prepare. You are not fully prepared until your neighbor is prepared!

[I think, she has made some good points!]

To see the full article, go to:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good point indeed. Prepping should be a #1 priority right now.

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