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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sources for Identifing Edible Plants

There are a few books specifically written for Northwest plants, but many other sources are very useful here in Washington also. Some of my favorites on identification of edible, medicinal and poisonous plants are the following sources:

A few good Books to check out (alphabetically listed):

All That the Rain Promises, and more…A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms, by David Arora
Backyard Harvest, by Marjorie Blanchard
Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West, by Muriel Sweet
Deadly Harvest – A Guide to Common Poisonous Plants, by John M. Kingsbury
Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies, by Kershaw
Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West, by Gregory L. Tilford
Edible Wild Plants – A North American Field Guide, by Elias and Dykeman
Edible Wild Plants and Herbs – A Pocket guide, by Alan M. Cvancara
Edible Wild Plants and Useful Herbs, by JimMeuninck
Feasting Free on Wild Edibles, by Bradford Angier
Nasco Field Guide to Edible and Useful Wild Plants of North America, by Myron C. Chase
Gather Ye Wild Things – a Forager’s Year, by Susan Tyler Hitchcock
How to Live Through a Famine, by Dean L. Rasmussen
Mountain Flowers of the Cascades and Olympics, by Harvey Manning
Mushrooms of North America, by Roger Phillips
Northwest Coastal Wildflowers by Visalli and Ditchburn and Lockwood
Northwest Foraging – A Guide to Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest, by Doug Benoliel
Northwest Weeds – The ugly and Beautiful Villains of Fields, Gardens, and Roadsides, by Ronald J. Taylor
Plants of Power – Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants, by Alfred Savinelli
Plants of The Pacific Northwest Coast, by Pojar and Mackinnon
The Complete Outdoorsman’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants, by Berndt Berglund and Clare E. Bolsby
The Edible Wild – A complete cookbook and guide to edible wild plants in Canada and North America, by Berndt Berglund and Clare E. Bolsby
The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook, by Darcy Williamson
Western Edible Wild Plants, by H.D. Harrington
Wild Berries of the West, by Betty B. Derig and Margaret C. Fuller
Wild Harvest, by Terry Domico
Wildflowers of Mount Rainier by Laird R. Blackwell
Wildflowers of Washington, by C. P. Lyons

Three specific Videos:

Trees, Shrubs, Nuts and Berries, (VHS video) by Jim Meuninck and Dr. Jim Duke
Edible Wild Plants, (VHS video) by Jim Meuninck and Dr. Jim Duke
Cooking With Edible Flowers and Culinary Herbs, (VHS video) by Jim Meuninck, with Debra Nuzzi and Mikulyuk and Hampstead

A few good Websites to check out:

http://www.wildfoodadventures.com/newsletter.html (not free)


Bustednuckles said...

Thanks so much for this list.
I have been wanting to find info specific to the North West for a while now.

Carson Calderwood said...

Thanks for making and sharing that list!

Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Hall said...

Well done Bill! I see several old friends on your list and a couple of new ones to go pick up.

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