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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are You a Patriot?

Are you a Patriot yet? If you are not sure, I have a treat for you today of two recordings from hero’s past, who spell out what it is to ‘Pledge our Sacred Duty’ and the sum of some ‘Whys we have always loved America.’

If you feel a burning in your bosom after listening to these two recordings, trust me, you are a Patriot. If you feel nothing, feel free to move on to another site, because we are not going to be able to help you if you are beyond feeling. Red Skelton and John Wayne always expressed a great love for their country while alive. I personally tend to agree with both of them and I burn with pride each time I hear their voices, even in these old recordings.

I was just a kid when I first saw Red Skelton give his famous “Pledge of Allegiance” performance. There was not much on television in those days, but what was there was wholesome and positive. Where I lived, we watched all three channels.

I was an adult just back from fighting in Vietnam when I heard John Wayne's, "America, Why I love Her." It has forever stayed with me on how grateful I am for what we are so blessed to enjoy here in America.

To all of our Active Duty Military and Veterans out there, "A Very BIG Thank You for your service to your country!" For those that were also sent overseas to fight in other lands, "Welcome Home Warriors!" For the very few and the proud, "Semper fi"

These two recordings are my all time favorites. I would love to have added General George S. Patton, but I am reminded that we have some young Patriots and others that do not need to hear both his cursing and his vivid descriptions of what he would have his troops do to the enemy. For those that have not heard George C. Scott's portrayal of Patton, the real recording is another stirring speech which touches at the corps of our spirits.

At some future time, we will attempt to embed these and other videos on our web page, so you do not have to go out from our site to view them at YouTube.

With so much negativism out there, I think we should play these types of videos every now and then, just to remind us of what is important in this country, and what some of our obligations and commitments should be. Thank you America for all you have given me and my family.....

Red Skelton:


John Wayne:

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