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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Washington Preppers Network

The Washington Preppers Network is part of a larger network involving every state in the United States and Canada. It is designated and established as a safe place for like-minded people to share their stories, pictures, how-to’s, techniques, and tools on how to survive and thrive under various conditions, and/or the ‘TEOTWAWKI’ (The End Of The World As We Know It).

Washington Preppers will be moderated first by the National Network, for general compliance, and secondly, locally, by Washingtonians Terry Northcraft and Bill Allen. We come to you eager to please and excited to serve. We hope you will join us.You may wish to share experience (blog) or ask questions (make requests) on information of special happenings, calendar items, travels, experiments gone right (or wrong), personal trivia, and interesting news articles, related to survival and/or emergency preparedness. When you do so, we ask that you help us maintain the high standards previously established for this network by being respectful toward others beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, religions, social and societal differences and political preferences.

Kindness and wisdom will go a long ways toward bringing us closer together as communities and as a State. Little courtesies such as no swearing or cursing, no putting down or belittling, no personal attacks or hidden agendas should be observed. As moderators, we especially like the idea that our kids should be able to come to this site without any danger. Being clean and upbeat with no personal attacks we all will enjoy our visits here. Violations will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately to the moderators, if we have not already caught it previously. Our desire is to provide a positive and ongoing forum for people to come to. Washington State is unique and has special conditions, being divided environmentally by the Cascades.

We hope this site will provide you with a place where you can come to be able to receive straight and factual information on survival information, food storage, behavior, trends, intelligence, gardening, etc., that apply to the entire State of Washington. We expect that certain information is universal, no matter where you live in this beautiful nation. Bring us your questions. Bring us your resources and talents. All valid and applicable information will be welcome. We will present ideas here as we expand. Visit often and watch us grow. We want to be here as a ‘tool palace’ for you, so you can better provide for yourselves and your families, even under the worst and the best conditions. We have been mind mapping and brain storming ideas and desire to include tips on camping, hiking, backpacking, long term bicycling, food storage, self-protection, alternate methods of defense, first aid, cross country skiing safety, different forms of transportation, fuels, power, etc., gardening tips, harvesting, gleaning, emergency preparedness, known disasters to our State, resources, websites, photos, a library of articles, true survival stories, funny quips about survival, news, legislation, etc.

Should you desire to advertise with the site, contact us at our included emails. Do you have an area of expertise and desire to share your talents? Then please consider joining us for specific subjects. We desire to build a large volunteer survival ready team of instructors, advisors, and counselors. As you can tell, we have our work cut out for us. Today is day one, step one of our journey!

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Prismkitty said...

Thanks for the welcome. Please be patient with me concerning this feed business, lol, I am not quite sure how it works yet. First time using it.
And thank you again for providing a place we can visit.

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