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Monday, March 2, 2009

Define Conservatism

A thirteen Year old named Jonathan Krohn has written a fantastic book called "Define Conservatism." As a home schooler, he studied about the true meanings of conservatism, liberalism and socialism and decided to write about a simpler way to help people understand what conservatism is. He feels that for people to better understand what they believe, and be able to communicate about the conservative movement, and to recognize who is a conservative and what ideas are conservative , they need to start with the basics, starting with a clear concise definition of what conservatism is.

For a real treat, check out this 13 year-old's speech about why he wrote this book at:

To see the 3 minute video: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/02/28/video-13-year-old-defines-conservatism-at-cpac-gets-standing-ovation/

To read more about this young lad: http://www.defineconservatism.com/

1 comment:

Mo said...

Too bad he's not in congress right now. It would be nice if more if our elected officials understood the principles. Thanks for posting.

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