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Monday, March 16, 2009



Spring Break Travel Alert

Every American citizen and especially American students should be aware that Mexico in general has seen a marked increase in violence recently.

The U.S. Department of State has posted a Travel Alert regarding travel in Mexico, which is in effect until April 2009. The Travel Alert describes recent violence, and provides guidance and additional links concerning travel in Mexico.

All students considering travel to Mexico are urged to review the information below.

Due to these circumstances, The University of Arizona Dean of Students Office strongly advises students to avoid travel to Mexico at this time and during Spring Break.

Criminal activity in Mexico has not just increased in recent months, but also has begun to spread into popular tourist destinations. Specific guidance is available concerning Spring Break travel in Mexico at: Spring Break in Mexico – “Know Before You Go!” (See Below)

The U.S. Department of State warns about - Spring Break in Mexico – “Know Before You Go!”

The Minuteman Project - http://www.minutemanproject.com/ March 16, 2009; Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.

Drugs, Money, Assets - Operation Imperial Emperor Wednesday, February 25, 2009; Department of Justice - Minuteman Express News. A 20-month investigation led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and aided by more than 100 federal, state, local and foreign law enforcement agencies, has so far resulted in the seizure of approximately $45.2 million, 27,229 pounds of marijuana, 9,512 pounds of cocaine, 705 pounds of methamphetamine, 227 pounds of pure methamphetamine or "ice," and 11 pounds of heroin

U.S. Rattled As Mexico Drug War Bleeds Over Border Sunday, March 01, 2009; PHOENIX (Reuters) – Hit men dressed in fake police tactical gear burst into a home in Phoenix, rake it with gunfire and execute a man.

America Invaded By Drug Lord Army? Tuesday, March 03, 2009; Fox News. Superior weapons that drug cartels possess are threatening the very stability of their own country. And it's why America's outgoing CIA Director, Michael Hayden, says violence in Mexico will pose the second greatest threat to U.S. security next year, right after Al Qaeda.

100,000 Foot Soldiers In Drug Cartel Army Tuesday, March 03, 2009; The Washington Times. Two of Mexico's deadliest drug cartels have reached a combined force of 100,000 foot soldiers, wreaking havoc across the country and threatening U.S. border states, the U.S. Defense Department told The Washington Times.

War is Breaking Out in Mexico - Will it Unravel the United States? Thursday, March 12, 2009; Tony Dolz - Minuteman. The Perfect Storm is brewing. Millions of refugees escaping war, hunger and violence in Mexico may storm our Southern Border during the Obama first term. The Winds of Change threaten to align an Economic Depression of historical dimensions, massive unemployment and civil disorder against a sea of pressing refugees.

Mexican Mushroom Cloud on the Horizon? Sunday, March 15, 2009; Roger Gitlin - Staff Writer/Minuteman Express News. The Mexican government, its police, and army are in a decades-long war with powerful criminal cartels which will stop at nothing to control the drug and human trafficking portals to the United States.

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