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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food - The Ultimate Barter Item

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March 3, 2009, Thanks to "just in time" inventory practices; America has an average of just three days of food on its shelves. Inventories are kept extremely well managed and "tight" thanks to the amazing efficiency of modern day transportation and manufacturing systems.

Photo: Shoppers push their shopping cart past empty shelves at a Food Town grocery store on the north side of Houston, as the area recovers from Hurricane Ike September 17, 2008. (Reuters/Richard Carson)

But what happens when the system breaks down and the food distribution system gets disrupted?

For the answer, you really only need to think of the previous Katrina television coverage of a few years ago... pictures of bare shelves and desperate brawls as folks argued and even fought over the remaining scraps.

Now imagine a disruption in the system that lasts not a few months... but one that could affect our food supply for years to come.

Despite government attempts to throw money at this problem, statist's actions, like wage and price controls, will only create greater shortages. The more bureaucrats demand that prices remain constant... the more producers of food related items will NOT produce the item. After all, their costs rise with inflation so it's only fair to pass them on. What always happens are misallocations of capital and shortages. This is the legacy of communism and socialism. Central planners try to tell the market place what to produce and what to charge. The result, historically, has been disastrous. Barak Obama believes in the government's obligation to help with all his heart. And he will. But his idea of help will eventually be wage and price controls.

His actions will affect every man, woman, and child in America. So the time to start your "food insurance"program is right now. Here's the reason: The average American has yet to reach an understanding of the potential devastation that socialism will bring to our advanced "division of labor" economy. When they do, the surge of demand for food storage equipment like canning supplies will turn into a tidal wave.

Food prepared for storage will be almost impossible to secure. If the news media even mentions a run on any food preparation equipment, it's over. Trust me. Buy plenty of jars and supplies now. This is not a question of if... but rather when. After word gets out, the show is over and those who have not taken steps to prepare will be on their own.


Please understand something very important: you will not be able to buy your way out of the current meltdown if you wait too long. Especially, with paper money. In a panic, survival food is the ultimate currency. It not only satisfies appetites, but with it you can buy anything else you need. People always need to eat no matter what else is true. Having plenty of stored food that you can trade or barter will put you in the best possible position to survive and prosper in the coming bad times.

Now what kind of prepared food and other commodities will be worth the most? Below is a list of foods that will be extremely valuable in a meltdown.


1. Canned foods grown on gardens or private farms. Especially, vegetables and fruits that haven't been sprayed with pesticides.

2. Canned meats from livestock pastured on small farms.

3. Canned meats and vegetables bought in stores.

4. Beef jerky and other dried foods make fantastic barter items.

5. Pastas of all types seem to last a long time and will be high on the list of desired items.

6. Dog food. Yep. Just do it. Dog foods, both dry and canned provide essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Costs are very reasonable. Shelf life is several years and some of the new "chewy" brands are edible. In a real disaster, with "runs" on food at the grocery store, you may be the only one at the dog food section.

7. Dried beans. Beans are a protein powerhouse. You can never go wrong by having them as a barter item.

8. Peanut butter. If you can make your own so much the better. In a disaster, peanut butter will leave the shelves so fast it will make your head spin. Learn how to make peanut butter and buy 50 pounds of peanuts... just in case.

9. Powdered milk. Another staple that has had tremendous barter value. Buy Carnation brand and get plenty, then... Go to your local farm or feed store and buy 25 to 50 pounds of "milk replacement" for calves. Not the greatest tasting but extremely nutritional. And like dog food, no one will be thinking about hording this item.

10. Vitamin supplements. Have plenty of non-synthetic vitamins stored as barter items. Disease spreads like wildfire in panics and famines. Those with healthy immune systems have a much better chance of surviving to help others.


As this report is written, pressure on some supplies is building. If you are at all interested in securing a food supply for your family, please don't wait. Get your supplies!

If you put this report aside, intending to get back to it in a few months... you could get caught by surprise in the meltdown. Some of your friends will say "none of this can happen." If all you can come up with is "none of this can happen" then read some books on the history of socialism and its fruit. It always produces shortages and higher prices - "Always, no exceptions."


Prismkitty said...

50,000 hit streets in NY to protest cuts in services and job losses.

Dad said...


Thanks for the info on the 50,000 protestors in New york. This did occur and there are more protests planned.

I believe there will be far many more people hitting the streets to protest before this is over.

One caution we must all be carefull of is that the blogs are putting out so much information now that is not being picked up by mainstream media, that it is becoming extremely difficult to verify stories now. I struggle more and more to get to the truth.

We must make sure we hold tight to correct principles and make sure we do not get taken in by some of the extreme bloggers who print without verifiable information.

These protests took place, thanks for the tip.

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