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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rumor Control

There are so many articles flying out there right now that it is getting more and more difficult to tell what is the truth.

Some of the rumors are old and partially true such as the one about the 2008 legislature HB3359 the Ammunition Registration Bill. This Washington State legislation died in the Judiciary Committee and never came out for a vote. Remember who it was proposed and sponsored by, Representatives: O'Brien, Williams, Flannigan, and Pedersen. Per Tom Campbell, it never stood a chance to come for a vote and was dead almost immediately. You can check for Washington legislation at: http://dlr.leg.wa.gov/tld/default.aspx).

Another rumor, THIS ONE IS NOT VERIFIED, BUT ONLY A RUMOR, is that Hillary Clinton gave the Red Chinese a deal from the Obama Administration allowing the Red Chinese to secure their loans to the United States with eminent domain rights. Under the alledged provisions of the deal, the Obama Administration gave the Chinese a blank check to seize American property as collateral if the U. S. defaults on any of its loans from the Chinese. A good blog article about this was written by "Mcarl" of CentrePoint News blog at: http://centrepointnews.com/?p=1825.

REMEMBER: This makes for fun reading and will raise your blood pressure a notch or two, but so far, it has not been proven and is only considered a rumor, so please treat it as such.


Prismkitty said...

That link is dead, says no such article as requested.

Dad said...

Thanks for the update on the dead link. The article written by "Michael Carl"(mcarl) of CentrePoint News blog at: http://centrepointnews.com/?p=1825 now appears to be missing from Centerpointnews.

Another source of the same rumor is from Free Republic, entitled: EMINENT DOMAIN GIVEN TO CHINA (HOAX: Original source: Hal Turner, see #28, 31) at: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2196426/posts.


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