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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introduction to WashingtonPreppersNetwork.com

Hello family and friends,

We are glad you are visiting our new website: http://washingtonpreppersnetwork.com/

Terry Northcraft and I (Bill Allen) are the co-moderators for the Washington Preppers Network. We were given the authority to create and moderate this website on January 17, 2009 from American Preppers Network our national affiliate. We entered our first comments on February 4, 2009.

It seems like we have come a long way in the month and a half we have been operating this site. As it shows in our title heading above, this website is about things that affect Washington State. For example, we are especially covering anything that has to do with:

Emergency Preparedness for Washington State including Earthquakes, Landslides, Avalanches, Flooding, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Forest Fires, Mudslides, Debris Flows, Lahars, Volcanic Eruptions, Severe Winter Storms, Lightning, Power Outages, High Winds, Ice and Snow Storms, Drought, Pandemic Influenza, Disease, Chemical Leaks, House Fires, Nuclear and Bio-Terrorism, Gang Violence, Crime, Home Security, Food Storage, Gardening and Inflation and other Disasters.

Our stated purpose is further defined in the statement, “This blog is intended for the general use of anyone who desires to be prepared for any and all risk events that could disrupt his/her way of life.”

Over the course of our first month and a half, some political issues have been included, such as today's USA Today Gun Legislation Vote. However we are going to try to leave political decisions up to our readership. We are both striving hard to write more about physical, positive things, that are happening in Washington State and more about things we can do to be prepared for emergencies.

There is so much political dissension in our nation right now that families are being divided by all of the anger and frustration. We would like to move away from this anger direction, and focus more on the family, which is the most important single element of our society. We therefore wish to aid and support, not further divide our families. We love our families and our extended family members. We wish to talk about hope not helplessness and hopelessness.

As of today, Terry and I have decided to concentrate more on "how to prepare for" and "how to thrive during" emergencies.

Your thoughts and comments have been kind and are both desired and welcome. While visiting this site, you can look over our prior articles and add comments. You can also go to other Prepper sites from our links to view articles recently posted for additional information.

If you desire to be a contributor of articles to this site, please feel free to notify me here at my personal email site at: dad.ldsscouter1@gmail.com. We would like additional co-moderators, and regular contributing authors, from both sides of the State of Washington.

If you have interest in this, please personally email me back with your desires. We are also very open to new ideas and ways to improve this website. Improvements involving graphics and other site design ideas are a constant challenge. We will take all the help we can get.

We also plan on going public at some point with our local Washington radio, news and TV commentators. We need to put together a list of commentators from the entire State so we can cover both sides of the state and the mountain communities equally.

We are also currently working on authorizations for certain advertisers and are trying to figure out how referral monies should be used, and how to set up ownership of the site. Your ideas are welcome on these projects....

We welcome and thank our visitors who have left comments from both within the state and from outside of our State. Those of you that desire, you can go to other Prepper organizations of your choosing from within our site (there are active links here for all of the states), i.e. for Utah, Texas, Arizona, California, and even sites out of country such as for Canada.

You are always welcome to visit our site and we encourage you to please come back often for new information and to see what is new, as we are a work in progress. Your comments are all very important. Just remember, we are a family site and we have some kids under 18 years old that are visiting here also. http://washingtonpreppersnetwork.com/

Thank you for your support.

Bill Allen

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